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is a small friendly community located in King County, Washington along SR-203 approxiamtely 30 miles east of Seattle.  The city is located in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley on the east bank of the Snoqualmie River just north of where the Tolt River joins in.    


 The confluence of the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers had been the main village site for the Snoqualmie tribe for thousands of years. When white settlers arrived in the 1850s, the tribe greeted them in a friendly manner, so much so that in 1855, Chief Patkanim ceded the valley and tribal sites to the United States, opening the way for many homesteaders.

 The area had always been known as Tolt, even before white settlers arrived, from the Snoqualmie name "Tolthue" (river of swift waters).  Carnation was officially incorporated on December 31, 1912, as Tolt.  The name was changed to Carnation in 1917; named after the world-famous Carnation Dairy, a dairy operation that located in Tolt in 1910;  back to Tolt on May 3, 1928, and finally back to Carnation again on October 29, 1951.

 Dairy farming was an economic staple for Tolt ever since the brush had been cleared, but Carnation Dairy put the town on the map. In 1910, Elbridge Amos Stuart cleared 350 acres of timber and brush and brought in a purebred bull and 86 registered Holstein cows to form a research herd. Two years later, he cleared 400 more acres, and today the farm rests on some 1,200 acres of land.


 Carnation is in the Riverview School District which consists of 3 elementary schools, a single middle school, and a single high school. Tolt Middle School is in Carnation and Cedercrest High School is 10 miles north in Duvall. Stillwater Elementary, located near Lake Marcel, serves the Lake Margaret to Lake Joy populations. Carnation Elementary School serves Carnation.
 Carnation is well known for its rural community, though there is significant population growth as with the other Eastide communities.  When driving through Carnation you see many beautiful farms and lush green fields.  The many berry farms are well-known to adults and children who enjoy the experience of picking (and eating) strawberries and finding the right pumpkin in the fall.  

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Carnation Neighborhoods


Carnation Meadows

Lake Joy

   The Lake Joy community has existed for over 75 years. It was originally a lakeside subdivision of the Snoqualmie Tree Farm (originally owned and managed by Weyerhaeuser). Originally, the subdivision consisted of seasonal-use recreation cabins. Over time, the Lake Joy community has evolved to predominantly year-round residential use.  These vary from a dense subdivision with homes on ½ acre lots to small farms with 1 to 10+ acres.  There is a small trail for public access to the lake and it's good fishing.   

   The Reserve at Lake Joy is a community of 20 homes in rural eastern King County just northwest of Lake Joy. The Reserve is situated among 100 acres with designated wetlands scattered throughout providing privacy for residents, homes and for our area wildlife. The homes sites range from two to five acres.

   North Lake Joy Estates is the result of the subdivision of a Douglas Fir plantation and associated wetlands into seventeen, 20-acre parcels. The resulting development is similar in nature to the Tolt River Highlands. 

Lake Marcel


Tolt River Highlands

   In 1996, the Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Corporation began selling 20 acre parcels of their holdings above the Tolt River to private individuals for home sites. The area was previously managed as a Douglas Fir timber plantation.  This development consists of 120 20+ acre lots, around 2,400 acres of total area.  It is called the Tolt River Highlands. The Tolt River Highlands abuts the community of Lake Joy, the city of Carnation, the Tolt Watershed, Moss Lake County Park, and the Tolt River amongst other areas.

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Snoqualmie Valley Berry Farms

 Cottage Gardens Blueberry Farm   -   14510 Kelly Road NE   Duvall          425-947-4523
Six miles east of Duvall.  Blueberries, also U-pick.

 Fall City Farms   -   636 Neal Road   Fall City          425-222-4553
First Left off Hwy 203 when heading North from Fall City.  Vegetables (potatoes, broccoli, corn, garlics, pumpkins, beans, cucumbers)  Honey, Apples, and some Berries.

 Harvold Berry Farm   -   32325 NE 55th Street   Carnation          425-333-4185
   Located at north city limits on Hwy 203 (Carnation-Duvall Road).  Stawberry, Raspberry, also U-pick. 

 Remlinger Farms   -   32610 NE 32nd Street   Carnation          425-333-4135  or  425-451-8740
On farm sales, entertainment, petting zoo, picnic grounds; store includes processed fruit, berry & vegetable items, more.



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